Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Losing the will & ability to THINK

That's what I want to believe.
After graduation studio where I was so graciously up until 4 am doing my Guerrilla Cloud Project seems so long ago. It almost feels like a distant past that I never knew. I can no longer fathom what it was like to be passionate about something anymore. It's like my heart have stopped and I just DO things without thinking.

Now I am petrified that I will lose my brain that I have nurtured and lose the ability to think, make an opinion or judgement. Losing the 'criticality' that I always thought as an individual should be a value held high.

I am only hoping that this is a phase. Althought I am throughly enjoying Melbourne I am a person in passing and my decision of how I would spend my period of life here has not been changed. (I don't think it ever will.)This time next year I will no longer be in the country and most of yous would know that it is highly likely for me to get out of here as my rent finishes, in March.

To a spontaneous person like it me I find lack of inspiration as something quite dangerous. You may lose me.

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